First Annual Research Symposium Proceedings

Preface (5K)

Table of Contents

Research Symposium Program (8K)

Administrator Garvey Correspondence

Introductory Remarks, Deputy Associate Administrator DeGaetano (7K)

Reflections on the First Year's Research Program (32K)

Session I - Safety and Security

Positive Passenger Baggage Match Arnold Barnett (18K)
Positive Passenger Baggage Match Mark Hansen (6,000K)
GAIN/Integration Tool Geoffrey Gosling (72K)
GAIN/Integration Tool James Blanchard (2000K)
World Aviation Safety Data (5000K)

Session II - Collaborative Decision Making

CDM Research (5000K)
Toward CDM Implementation (4000K)
Future Directions (14K)

Afternoon Session Remarks, Director Brecht-Clark (7K)

Session III - Issues for the Future of ATM

AATT Future Concepts Definition (113K)
Synthesis of a Future ATM Operational Concept (103K)
CTAS Verification (697K)
Distributed ATM Concepts (9000K)
Reusable Launch Vehicles James Kuchar (64K)
Reusable Launch Vehicles Antonio Trani (530K)