Fourth Annual Research Symposium Proceedings

NEXTOR Welcome--Amedeo Odoni, NEXTOR Co-Director, MIT

Research Symposium Program

Session I - NAS Performance: Modeling, Monitoring, Improving

A New Paradigm to Model Airport Operations

Impacts of FFP1 on NAS Performance

Robust Airline Scheduling: An Approach to Reducing the Impact of Delays on Airline Operations

Influence of Capacity Constraints on Airline Fleet Mix

Preliminary Design Process for Future Airspace System Definition

Session II - Collaborative Decision Making

A Model for Assessing the Impact of Uncertainty Reduction and its Application to CDM

Taxi and Pushback Prediction for CDM

Collaborative Routing: A Long Term Vision

Session III - Equipment and Technology

Next Generation Aeronautical Communications Applications

Analysis of ATM Performance During Equipment Outages

COT Refresh and Maintenance

Research on Aviation Security