NEXTOR - FAA - INFORMS Conferences

Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center June 2-5, 2003

June2 - June3 NEXTOR Conference on Air Traffic Management and Control View Abstract

June4 - June5 INFORMS Aviation Sessions on Operations Research View Abstract

Monday June 2, 2003

Tuesday June 3, 2003

June 4 - June 5
INFORMS Aviation Sessions on Operations Research
(Presentations are below.)

"A Computational Study of Benders Decomposition for the Integrated Aircraft Routing and Crew Scheduling Problem" - A. Mercier, J.-F. Cordeau and F. Soumis, GERAD and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

"Efficiency and Equity Tradeoffs in Rationing Airport Arrival Slots - Preliminary Results"- Taryn Butler, Robert Hoffman, Ph.D. Metron Aviation, Inc., Herndon, Virginia


"Dominance and Indifference in Airline Planning Decisions" - Amy Mainville Cohn, KoMing Liu, and Shervin Beygi, University of Michigan


"New Approaches to Improving the Robustness of Airline Schedules" - John-Paul Clarke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"Incorporating Weather Uncertainty in Airport Arrival Rate Decisions" - Joyce W. Yen, Zelda B. Zabinsky, Catherine A. Serve, University of Washington, Industrial Engineering ATM Group


"Virtual Hubs: A Case Study" - Michelle Karow, John-Paul Clarke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"Evaluation of an Auction Mechanism for Allocating Airport Arrival Slots" - Eric J. Colankeril, William Hall, John-Paul Clarke


"Robust Airline Crew Pairing Optimization" - Diego Klabjan, Sergei Chebalov, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  "A Robust Fleet Assignment Model with Hub Isolation and Short Cycles" - Jay Rosenberger, the University of Texas at Arlington

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