Joint Planning Office Presentations and Papers

DECEMBER 12th, 2003

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Simulating Collision on Landing Probabilities at Non-towered Airports

Slot Auction ATL Case Study

MIT Runway Collision Risk Analysis

NEXTOR Presentation

UCB Daily Flight Time Index NAS Metric

UCB DTW Infrastructure Improvement Assessment

UCB LAX Operational Assessment

UCB NAS Strategy Simulator Fleet Mix

UCB Post Deploy Assessment with Daily and Flight Level Metrics

UMD Benefits of CDM in ATM

UMDCDM 2 for 2 Slot Trading

UMD CDM Resource Rationing

UMD Demand Uncertainty Effects in GDPs

UMD Equity in Traffic Flow Management

UMD GMU Auctions

UMD NEXTOR CDM Proj Review 9-2003

UMD_Strategy Simulator