Moving Metrics: A Performance-Oriented View of the Aviation Infrastructure

Asilomar Conference Center,
Pacific Grove, CA

JANUARY 27 - 30, 2004

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  1. Policy and Organizational Context

    • "Creating a Performance Based ATO in the FAA"
    (Wilson N. Felder, ATO Transition Team)

  2. Safety I

    • "Effectiveness Analysis for ASDE-X in the Absence of Historical Data"
    (Marc Rose, MCR Federal Inc.)

    • "The Mother Metric? FAA's New Safety Index"
    (Arnold Barnett, MIT)

  3. Safety II

    • "An Analysis of Historical Aviation Accident Data"
    (Nastaran Coleman, FAA)

    • "Terminal Area Arrival PDF Metrics for the Modeling of the Safety"
    (John Shortle, Y.Xie, and G. Donohue, George Mason University)

    • "The Safety of Efficiency" (Yu Zhang, Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley)

  4. Flexibility Predictability

    • "Demand Uncertainty in Ground Delay Programs"
    (Thomas Vossen, University of Colorado, Boulder)

    • "Flexibility and Predictability in Management of Convective Weather Impacts on the NAS"
    (Jim Evans, MIT)

    • "Estimating Avoidable Delay in the NAS"
    (Bala Chandran, Avijit Mukherjee, Mark Hansen, and Jim Evans,UC Berkeley)

  5. Capacity and Delay I

    • "Temporal Deviations from Flight Plans "
    (Professor Tom Willemain, Dr. Natasha Yakovchuk, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

    • "Capacity Utilization Metrics Revisited"
    (Mark Hansen, Chieh-Yu Hsiao, UC Berkeley)

    • "Beyond OPSNET: NAS Performance Metrics for the 21st Century"
    (Ken Lamon, MITRE)

    • "Measuring Terminal Area Performance"
    (Dave Knorr, Ed Meyer, Dan Murphy, Mike Bennett, James Bonn,
    and Antoine Charles )

  6. Capacity and Delay II

    • "Free Flight En Route Metrics"
    (Mike Bennett, CNA Corporation)

    • "Metrics/Benefits for Thunderstorm Delay Mitigation"
    (Jim Evans, MIT)

    • "Models for The National Airspace System Infrastructure Performance and Investment Analysis "
    (Jasenka Rakas, Wanjira Jirajaruporn, Helen Yin, and Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley)

    • "Spatial & Temporal Distribution Metrics for Airspace Design with a Complexity Constraint"
    (Arash Yousefi, George L. Donohue, GMU)

  7. Equity and Efficiency

    • "ATRS Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Report" (Tae Oum, UBC)

    • "Measuring the Business of the NAS" (Richard Golaszewski, Gellman Research Associates)

    • "Equity and Equity Metrics in Air Traffic Flow Management"
    (Michael O. Ball, UMCP)

    (A. Kanafani, W.J. Dunlay, M.R. Ohsfeldt)

  8. End-User Metrics

    • "Air Transportation System Customers Metrics" (Herman A. Rediess, Federal Aviation Administration)

    • "Have FAA-Industry Windshear Investments Been Effective?"
    (David Chin, Federal Aviation Administration; Linda Lau, Cornell University)

    • "Performance Metrics for Oceanic Air Traffic Management"
    (Michele Merkle, Federal Aviation Administration)

  9. Airline Perspective

    • "Impact of Aircraft Size and Service Frequency on Airlines’ Demand and Market Share "
    (Wenbin Wei, San Jose State University; Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley)

    • "Measuring Uncertainty A Core Problem of TFM"
    (Roger Beatty, American Airlines SOC)

    • "Managing And Understand The Impact Of The Air Traffic System: United Airline’s Perspective"
    (Pat Oldfield, United Airline)

  10. Conference Wrap-Up (Bill Dunlay, UC Berkeley)