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NEXTOR’s conference and seminar series brings industry, academia, and government together to foster discussion on critical aviation operations issues. Through this series, NEXTOR seeks to enhance dialogue, promote information exchange and to channel expertise to advance aviation research and technology.

Title Presenter Organization
Welcome and Introduction to NEXTORWilson Felder and Russ Chew FAA
Systems Modeling and Analysis Overview Antonio TraniVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Air Transportation Network AnalysisLance SherryGeorge Mason University
Systems Models for the NAS Strategy SimulatorAntonio TraniVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Data Link and Technology Integration Benefits to NAS PerformanceJasenka RakasUniversity of California at Berkeley
World Airline Safety: BetterDarker Days Ahead?Arnold BarnettMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Analyzing and Trending Delay in the National Airspace SystemMark HansenUniversity of California at Berkeley
Air Traffic Flow Management OverviewMark HansenUniversity of California at Berkeley
Incorporating Stochastic Models and StochasticInformation within Traffic Flow Management Avijit MukherjeeUniversity of Maryland
Inter-modal Substitution Systems for Airline Collaborative Decision MakingYu ZhangUniversity of California at Berkeley
Modeling and Controlling NAS Resource Usage OverviewMichael BallUniversity of Maryland
Aviation Infrastructure Taxes and Fees in the United StatesAmedeo OdoniMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Analysis of Airport System Operations: A Case Study of LaGuardiaSasha KleinGeorge Mason University
Congestion Management Alternatives for LaGuardia AirportMichael BallUniversity of Maryland