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  National Airspace System Performance Workshop

   March 14-17, 2006

   Asilomar Conference Grounds

   Pacific Grove, CA



   Workshop Invitation


   Steering Committee


    Presentation - Scott Simcox

    Presentation - Tara Carr



      Vicki Cox: International Leadership - Measuring Progress on a Global Scale

     Photo Gallery


   Session 1: Policy and Organizational Context

      Wilson Felder, FAA: ATO: Moving Toward a Performance-Based Organization

      Dave Chin, FAA: ATO FY 2007 Business Outlook

      Annalisa Weigel, MIT: Policy Challenges, paper


   Session 2: State of the FAA ATO

      John Hansman, MIT: Renewing the Controller Workforce - Challenges and Opportunities

      Jasenka Rakas, UCB: State of the NAS Infrastructure


   Session 3a: Operational Performance I

      Dave Knorr, FAA: NAS Operational Analysis and Challenges for Modeling the Future

      Sasha Klein, GMU: NAS/ATM Performance Indexes

      Patrick Oldfield, UAL: An Airline's Block Time Manipulation within a Congested Air Traffic Environment

      Avijit Mukherjee, UMD: Modeling Delays and Cancellations in the NAS

      George Hunter, SENSIS: NAS Performance Evaluation Experiments


   Session 3b: Operational Performance II

      Marc Rose, MCR, LLC: Proposed Performance Metrics - Scheduled Block Time & Predictability

      Dave Lovell, UMD: Modeling Delays and Cancellations for Collaborative Strategic Planning

      Ken Lamon, MITRE: System Performance and Convective Weather, movie

      Michael Ball, UMD: Analysis of Passenger Delays

      Chun-Hung Chen, GMU: Bayesian Networks for Estimation of Delay Propagation and Cancellation in the NAS


   Session 3c: Operational Performance III

      Banavar Sridhar, NASA: Relationship between Weather, Traffic, and Delay based on Empirical Methods

      Kevin Chamness, FAA; Rebecca Guy, FAA; Stephane Mondoloni, CSSI, Inc.: Panel on Oceanic Performance Measurement


   Session 4a: System Capacity I

      Yu Zhang, UCB: Analysis of Aircraft Headway Data to Determine Airport Capacities

      Bill Dunlay, Leigh-Fisher: Achieving Near-term Capacity Gains with RNP Procedures

      Jim Evans, Lincoln Labs: Progress in Identifying and Safety Utilizing the Available Capacity...

      Monica Alcabin, Boeing: Strategic Priorities for Increasing Airport Capacity


   Session 4b: System Capacity II

      Hojong Baik, VPI: Impact of Very Light Jet Traffic on Airport Terminal Area

      Tony Dziepak, FAA: Impact of VLJ's on Conflicts and Controller Workload

      Mark Hansen, UCB: Do En Route Delays Matter?  Some Preliminary Evidence

      Alex Bayen, UCB: Toward a Scientific Basis for Determining En Route Airspace Capacities


   Session 5: Resource Allocation and Financing

      Anne Yablonski Suissa, FAA: NAS Strategy Simulator

      Rich Golaszewski, GRA: Innovative Finance for NAS Modernization

      Molly Smith, FAA: The Future of Congestion Management

      Tae Oum, UBC: Privatization, Corporitization, Ownership Forms and their Effects...


   Session 6: Future Viability

      Dan Goldner: Simulation Analysis of the Future NAS

      George Donohue, Lance Sherry, GMU: Technology Policy and Economic Growth in Air Transportation

      Harry Swenson, NASA: A Highly Automated Integrated Future NAS Operational Concept

      Norm Fujisaki: Vindicated or Vilified? How Will We Measure Up in the Eyes of Tomorrow's Generation