Research Focus

:: Air Traffic Management and Control
:: System Performance Studies and Metrics
:: Aviation Economics and Policy




NEXTOR II is a world-class research consortium of government, universities and private industry capable of addressing the needs of the National Airspace System (NAS) through basic research, modeling and investment analysis. NEXTOR IIís collaborative approach to addressing a wide range of aviation problems provides diverse approaches to solving critical operational aviation problems while promoting increased dialogue within the aviation community.

NEXTOR IIís research team holds expertise in a wide range of technological areas, including:
  • Air traffic management and control
  • Safety data analysis
  • Communications, data collection, and distribution
  • Human Factors
  • System Performance and Assessment Measures
  • Aviation Economics
NEXTOR II is conducting research programs in these main areas:
  • ATM: Air traffic management and control.
  • Performance: System performance studies and metrics
  • Economics: Aviation economics and policy.